About St Louis Cell Phone Repair - Your St. Louis iPhone and Cell Phone Repair Experts

About Us

St Louis Cell Phone Repair is a professional electronics repair business that has been repairing phones in St Louis since March 2004, long before any if not all other independent repair shops in St Louis. This has given us years of experience improving our processes, repair techniques and range of devices we repair.  We have two locations in St Louis and multiple repair technicians that work on a wide variety of devices including cell phones, tablets, game systems, laptops and other electronic devices.  We repair the most common issues like broken screens and water damage but also repair charging ports and circuit board level issues.  Many shops can repair the basic items, but in case what appears to be a basic repair is more difficult our skilled technicians are prepared to handle your device. 

The Most Advanced Repairs

We are constantly working to improve and offer more difficult repairs as well as improve existing repairs.  The goal when we finish most repairs is for your device to have been repaired and look like it came from the factory again.  We do some of the most advanced repairs on devices so we are prepared to troubleshoot your device and find the solution when it may seem obvious, but the obvious solution doesn’t fix the problem.  You will not be charged the full cost for a repair if we aren’t able to fix the problem, in those cases all we charge is a minimal diagnostic fee to cover our time as our goal is to fix your device.   We have multiple microscopes from digital microscopes to take photos of issues we discover to high magnification stereo microscopes to look for microscopic issues like  corrosion or broken components.  We also use those microscopes to then repair the issues we find and can repair components that require a microscope to view. 

Our Process

When your repair is brought into St Louis Cell Phone Repair we will fill out a repair form then go through a comprehensive checklist so we know there are not any hidden issues or other problems you may or may not be aware of with your device.  Then after the repair is completed we will go through the same checklist so we know everything is working properly before you pick up your device.  This may take extra time, but we feel it’s important as you rely on your device and we want to make sure you do not have problems.  We also keep paper copies of the repair form and have your information in our point of sale system so you don’t have to worry about keeping your recent in the event you need warranty service for your device. 

The Best Warranty

At St Louis Cell Phone Repair we back up our repairs with one of the best warranties in the industry.  Others offer warranties of 30 days, 90 days or maybe 6 months, but our warranty for most repairs is one year so you can feel confident the repair was done professionally.  There are many options for purchasing parts and a wide variety of quality for the parts with many vendors claiming the parts are OEM when they are really copy parts with out the same quality as OEM parts.  We purchase only high quality parts from trusted vendors so we can back up your repair with a one year warranty.

Appointments or Walk In Service

We know your time is valuable so we offer the ability to make an appointment so you know when you come in technicians have the time and parts set aside to fix your device and you know in advance when the repair will be done.  We also take walk ins, but like to give customers the option of setting an appointment to guarantee time and parts availability.  We do our best to complete your repair in an efficient way and try to quote a completion time that provides a buffer in case your repair is more difficult than anticipated.  We would rather complete your repair early than quote the fastest time to fix your device and have to tell you we need another 15 minutes making you late for your next appointment. 

Our Mission

Our goal at St Louis Cell Phone Repair is to provide a quality repair at a competitive price with great customer service so you’ll recommend us to others and come back if you need a repair in the future!

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